Orientation to families and educators

Among today’s challenges, education, access and exposure of children to technological resources is an ever-present theme. Not only the experts, but especially the parents, family and educators make reflections and dedicate themselves to this issue.

What is the ideal age to allow access to technology? What is the appropriate time in each age group to stay in front of the tools and services? How to control access to various resources: tablet, mobile, computers, etc.?

Several questions pass in the minds and, why not say, in the hearts of all, besides circulating in conversations and in the different media. These are serious, pertinent and worrying issues of the society in which we live, but which fortunately can also be solved through education.

In order to contribute and clarify, by shedding light on this subject, the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics created the Children and Adolescents Health Manual in the Digital Era, with guidance and recommendations related to this and other subjects. You can also access it by clicking here to read on the SBP website.

We suggest this reading for you and the children around you. Contribute also by disseminating it.

Let us contribute to building a more harmonious and happy society!