Nature Deficit Disorder

Tennis without racket, golf without a club, ski without snow, child without nature .. After all, is this possible?

Some researches related to the impact of videogame on the physical fitness of children, demonstrated possible gains regarding the possibility of exercising and developing skills related to motor coordination and reasoning.
If we take into account the effects of a video game in which children remain seated while engaging in their “challenges,” and another, such as interactive motion-sensing video games, where they are challenged to participate with their body’s movements , we may conclude that the second type is more advantageous. However, what should we take into account?

– What is the thematic proposal of the games and the adequacy of the age group?

– What is the adequacy of the physical environment? In order not to provide postural problems and even accidents during the execution of tasks; given that they are generally used indoors, along with furniture and other equipment.

– How is the physical and psychological conditioning of the children to deal with the activities?

– How long is the use of games?

– And, a very important questioning: what opportunity did your child have to be in contact with nature during the week?

According to Richard Louv, Journalist, Co-founder of the international movement Children and Nature Network and author of the book The Last Child in the Woods, Nature Deficit Disorder, is not a medical diagnosis, but a linguistic term describing disconnection with nature. For Louv, recent research has linked the lack of contact with nature in people’s lives to physical problems (such as vitamin D deficiency, obesity, etc.) and mental problems (depression, hyperactivity and attention deficit). For him, simple solutions, such as walking in places with trees, outdoor games, contact with garden vegetables or community, etc. are great opportunities for connection.

I recently received the card from the mother of P., a 5 year old boy. I was happy with her warm thanks and acknowledgment of what she said would be the “formal insertion” of her child into the digital world. She said she knew the importance of correct and careful contact with technology and shared the gratifying realization that P. “has a salutary curiosity about electronics, but does not exchange a sport or play with friends over the tablet, for example.

This reinforces the thesis that an education that takes into account a correct balance of activities will always favor the growth and development of the child.

At a time when Christmas holidays and business calls are knocking on our door, video game buying options and other technologies are quite tempting. But, remember that you are the greatest gift to your son, nephew, godson and all other children around you. Offer technology, but also offer other opportunities for fun: hiking, reading, outdoor games, drawing, painting, visiting museums, parks, beach, pickle, etc .; offer yourself, your listening, your attention, your smile … Make your child, too, offer himself … Nothing replaces the experience of being in touch with yourself.

P.’s mother finished the card wishing Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

I do the same with you, being sure that, with balance in the offer of activities, Christmas and vacations will be unforgettable!

Happy New Year!
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